Offering insightful and informed advice and resources to parents of young adults with mental health conditions.

  • Responding to mental health crises and challenges during the college years
  • College planning in high school with mental health in mind
  • Dealing with the mental health system beyond the campus

    Let me guide you to find the help your young adult needs.

College Planning

Emily was diagnosed with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) at age 12. She takes meds which keep her condition under control and does well at school. Now a high school junior, her parents want to help her research which colleges will offer her the services and support she will need to thrive while away at school.


Away at College

Josh runs track, is active in student government and has a solid G.P.A. at a large university. Recently, in the spring semester of his sophomore year, he had his first psychotic break; a scary experience for both Josh and his parents. The university administration is encouraging him to take a leave of absence to return home for treatment. His parents need guidance on what to do next.


Beyond the Campus

Daniel has struggled to find stability since he left college in the fall of his junior year. He came home, took a class at a local university, returned to college a semester later but is now home again dealing with symptoms and possibly looking for a new psychiatrist or a residential program or both. His concerned parents need advice on how to find him the help he needs.